For some of us, taking care 
of our hair is quite an adventure! The key is to find the
right element that will revolutionize your skincare routine.
And we have good news: we know this miracle component!
And since we are (very) nice, we decided to share it with you!
It is biotin, also called vitamin B8, which strengthens and
improves several aspects of the hair and the skin, but which
also participates in the proper functioning of the human body.
We tell you everything about this little wonder that you will
not be able to do without!

Skin problems, muscle pain or even hair loss? Your body may react with a lack of biotin. Also known as vitamin B8 or, more anciently, as vitamin H, biotin is commonly used to improve the health of hair, nails and skin. Indeed, its beauty properties are numerous: it helps prevent skin rashes and irritation as well as dull hair and lack of vitality. It also stops hair loss and makes it grow faster. Vitamin B8 also helps thicken nails and promises effects on nails that are brittle, limp, or those that often tend to split. In addition to all its ultra beneficial beauty actions, it is also one of the vitamins essential for the human body since it also contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system and the energy metabolism which involves amino acids, carbohydrates and fats. Also, it helps to regulate the level of sugar in the blood. In short, biotin plays a vital role and allows the body to function properly, and especially for people who are extremely active or who play sports on a daily basis.
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