Repair your hair - Pro advices for haircare and style!

Repair your hair -  Pro advices for haircare and style!

 Here is some tips i used with Jennifer Lawrence in her recent movie called "Mother!".

1. Use a shampoo suitable for colored hair or fragile. Shampoo inadequate will negatively impact the color, distorting its data, a blond may change to yellow, beige to golden. The PH present in the shampoos alter the color ;

2. It is important to prepare hair to receive a shock (coloration for example). If the hair is too low, it will be destabilized. The hair has its limits ! This preparation is simply in shampoos, conditioners and masks appropriate to strengthen them ;

3. Monitor the sheen and elasticity of your hair, these are signs of health. A hair is supposed to stretch. We can do the test on the wet hair. If they break, it is that they do not have a sufficient elasticity to receive a different coloring ;

4. Hair health will better bear the heat, the pollution and the products up to the next color. It is common to have to change shampoo along the way. Your hairdresser can advise you if you need a product that is more nourishing ;

5. Avoid shampoos of popular brand sold in pharmacy. Often, they contain parabens and silicone. It gives a side of wax to the hair ;

6. A mask is applied for 5 to 8 minutes on the hair and then rinsed, invigorates the hair in a nourishing ;

7. Untangle hair gently in the shower with a wide-toothed comb. It is less harmful.


Pro advice given to its stars

Félix Larivière working on many trays americans. He currently holds the hair of Charlize Theron and groomed regularly Halle Berry, Sophie Turner and Jennifer Lawrence, who has become a true accomplice.


Written by Emmanuelle Plante (Quebecor)

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