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Félix and the Oscars

Salon Magazine: How to enter the hyper-restricted circle of international cinema?

Félix Larivière: I worked at Ogilvy's hairdressing salon and the agent of a Baywatch actress asked me to give a hand on the set. I built my career in American, European and Quebec cinema. Once you're part of a big American production, you're referred from one movie to another. It's a very small family and everyone knows each other.

SM: The secret to being a good hairdresser on movies ...

FL: You have to be very creative and resourceful. We must leave with the idea that nothing is impossible. In addition, one must be hyper fast and efficient. The actors can get tired and, on these very big productions, each minute costs thousands of dollars. It must be remembered that even if you are a good hairdresser, you are not king and master. We must always make concessions. For X-Men, for example, it was very important not to disappoint fans. The expectations of the heroes are enormous.

SM: How is this type of production?

FL: It's a titanic job! But I love adrenaline, and the pressure feeds me. I rely on a team of five full-time people who work very closely with me, and 30 or 40 other hairdressers on the set itself. I rely heavily on extensions and wigs, which are handmade in Los Angeles and London. Staining is very important too. I do a lot of coloring tests on the actors.

SM: Apart from filming, you also do some training for Kevin.Murphy. How to reconcile two types of work, at first glance very different?

FL: I like to communicate the knowledge that I have, the techniques that I know. Moreover, before each shoot, I offer a complete training to my team. I want people to look for the maximum that every product can offer.

Félix designed and created all the hairstyles of Mirror Mirror

SM: Your biggest motivation ...

FL: I think that to stay good hairdresser and good stylist, we must not lose sight of what we create and we must work with our hands. You must never lose sight of beauty and trends. Staying sharp!

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  • Bravo cousin, c est cool de voir quelqu’ un qui part de rien et qui se retrouve à côtoyer les vedettes international. Envoie moi quelques otographes….


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