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According to Andre Walker, (great hairdresser of Oprah Winfrey) The hair is distinguished in 4 different large families. They are classified from type 1 to type 4.

TYPE 1: Straight hair Type 1 hair is naturally shinier, due to the sebum which glides well on the hair. But who says sebum, says problematic oily hair. Straight hair is also often lacking in tone. Although they need a little less hydration, they often need body and volume. A hair routine with light hydration and volume products are essential. Customers with straight hair are often fanatics of dry shampoos!

TYPE 2: Wavy hair For their part, wavy hair naturally forms an S. Sebum is still able to rise to the point. They are tough, shiny and thick. Their only weak point is that they have curls that are not always well defined. We therefore opt for treatments with light textures and not weighing down. Customers with wavy hair love curl defining products and dry shampoos.

Types 3: Curly hair: Curly to frizzy hair This hair is defined by pretty curls, flexible and quite loose. Curly hair makes many people jealous, but it often needs a little more love. The hair is often less shiny, drier and brittle and it is often synonymous with frizz. It is therefore essential to establish a routine with good moisturizing care, because the natural sebum of the hair has difficulty in reaching the lengths. Shine sprays, bristles and anti-frizz products are very popular with this type of hair.

Type 4: Kinky hair: Curly to frizzy hair The hair looks more like a Z than an S. They form such a tight curl, that once stretched the hair reaches 3 times its initial length. The sebum having great difficulty sliding on the hair, it is often extremely dry and fragile and even often dull. The advantage, however, is that they don't get greasy quickly. Often these clients wash their hair once a week, and there are specialized treatments for this type of hair on the market. Smoothing, moisturizing and repairing treatments, as well as shine sprays and anti-frizz are their best friend!

 IMPORTANT 🚨 🚨 🚨 No matter your hair type, if you overuse heated tools, chemical services (colorings, highlights, perms) and even the sun, you need to tailor your hair routine to your hair's needs. Know that the best person to advise you is your hairdressing professional. He / she will know how to adapt the right care for your hair.

Note that the larger the diameter of your hair, the more resistant it will be, we are talking about a large hair here. Conversely, the smaller the diameter of your hair, the more fragile it will be, we are talking about a thin hair. Big hair and fine hair are found in all hair types! Please note that All hair types, fine or thick, should use thermal and UV protection at a minimum. (There are creams and aerosols on the market) as well as a good treatment or mask adapted to your hair's needs.

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